Grinding Wheels


IGA grinding wheels

Efficiency for many applications
IGA grinding wheels not only achieve high stock removal rates but also the highest surface finishes in all areas of application. We offer grinding wheels in vitrified bonds for normal working speeds of up to 40 m/s, and special peripheral speeds of 50 m/s, 63 m/s, 80 m/s, 100 m/s and 125 m/s. Wheels in resin bonds are available for normal speeds of up to 50 m/s and also for special higher rated speeds of 63 m/s and 80 m/s. IGA grinding wheels can be individually and precisely tailored to suit the respective requirements of the workpiece.
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Information about Grain types

  • Silicon carbide

    Silicon carbide Silicon carbide is harder, more brittle and sharper edged than aluminium oxide and is predominantly used for hard and brittle
  • Microcrystalline sintered aluminium oxide

    Microcrystalline sintered aluminium oxide The fine crystalline structure ensures only small particles are broken off in the event of increased grain wear. This ensures
  • Fused aluminium oxide

    Fused aluminium oxide This is a crystalline aluminium oxide (Al2O3) and is divided in order of increasing purity, i.e. regular, semi-friable and fused
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