• IGA excels in small diameter grinding wheels.

    IGA excels in small diameter grinding wheels.

    ID Grinding wheels in ALO, SiC, Ceramic & CBN Abrasives
  • We are a focused supplier.

    We are a focused supplier.

    IGA Abrasives is a reliable supplier to customers in the aerospace, automotive, bearing and oil field industries.
  • Get the job done.

    Get the job done.

    Our customers have the lowest per-unit cost, consistent with product design and quality requirements.
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Our Company

We have done our job.
IGA Abrasives is a U.S. manufacturer, supplying the North American market with precision grinding wheels and honing products. Known since 1959 for excellent quality. IGA Abrasives was founded in 1955 by Donald Kranenberg, Sr. Mr. Kranenberg, a Purchasing Manager at a large automotive parts supplier, saw a need for an abrasive producer, specializing in internal grinding wheels. The company developed a manufacturing process and a specification system which resulted in a highly-automated manufacturing system to produce large volumes of grinding wheels, and later in 1964, honing and dressing products.
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